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A worker in a hydraulic arm trims a large tree

Tree Trimming

If you have a tree, or trees in your yard that are encroaching on other areas of your property, or your home, Adam Haudenschield's Tree Service can help. With several bucket trucks that can reach from 50 feet all the way to 125 feet, no job is to big or too small. The safety of your other property and home can hang in the balance. After a storm, we can provide trimming a cleanup if there is damage too. We even have a bobcat tractor and a grapple truck.

For homeowners or owners of commercial property Adam Haudenschield's Tree Service can help remove unwanted stumps, trim trees so they grow strong and healthy, and assist with tree removal for those trees that are dead and harming other plant life. Call today in Kenton, OH to see how we can help you.

A stack of logs

Tree Removal

For tree removal on your residential or commercial property our services are the safest and most affordable option. Adam Haudenschield's Tree Service comes to your home and offers a free estimate so there are no surprises when the job is finished.

Keep your home and business landscapes looking beautiful, healthy and safe. If a tree is dead, or has been damaged during a storm, your best option may be to remove it entirely. We'll take great care not to disturb any of the other property in order to complete the job, either. Your property will be left in pristine condition, without the nuisance of a dead or rotting tree.

A stump that needs removal pokes out of the grass

Stump Grinding      

For trees that have already been removed and still you may still require stump grinding. Adam Haudenschield's Tree Service can do that too. Don't leave the stump to take away from the other landscape, and don't get stuck mowing around them. Our stump removal service is fast, efficient and affordable. 

If the stump leaves a hole that just cannot be filled by anything other than a brand new tree than our tree service can do that too. Even if you just want more trees on your property, trust our experts to bring out the best species of tree for your property and to plant them so that they grow and thrive for many years to come.

A stack of logs

Snow Removal

Winter is not always gentle on everyone. It can bring a fairytale feeling, but it can also hide your home under a layer of snow. If you have your driveway covered on snow and next thing in the morning you have to head to work, don't hesitate and let us know! We have handled snow removal for many customers, we would love to clear out your way as well!

If your office building's parking lot is snowed, you can also rely on us. Commercially or residentially, we have the right tools and the trained people to handle your project quickly and efficiently.

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